Asia's Leading Fixture Builder Presents

Smart Fixtures - The Next Revolution In Digital Manufacturing

Forms and Gears, Asia's leading fixture builder, has been on the forefront of Fixture Building technology for over 47 years.

Now Forms and Gear's Fixture building expertise, in partnership with ASM Technologies Ltd's IT, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence strengths brings you Smartfix 4.0 - a revolution in Fixture Building and work-holding.

Smartfix 4.0 is a Precision work-holding Device with the ability to collect, transmit and analyse data in a useful format to the end user. Developed for the the first in the world, SmartFix 4.0 takes the world of work-holding and Fixtures into the digital and cyber world.

As the fixture is in continuous contact with the component it is the ideal device to collect and analyse data at a component level. Sensors to monitor vibration, pressure, and component sensing are mounted on the fixture. And sensors to monitor oil levels and temperature are mounted on the powerpack.

The high volume of data collected from these sensors are continuously transmitted wirelessly to the cloud where it is parsed and stored for analysis.

The raw data is then analysed using Data Analytic and Artificial Intelligence tools and sent back to a custom built Dashboard of the end user, that resembles their factory floor, showing all the machines in action as well as a quick summary on the health of each machine, fixture and powerpack.

The user can click on each machine to get a more detailed understanding of the analysed data per fixture. Data per sensor is visualized graphically with an ability to go back and see historical performance of the machine with this fixture.

For example, an analysis of data collected from vibration could reveal a wide variety of information like casting tolerances, vibration level comparison between tools and vibration comparison across machines in the plant. This real time data could result in productivity increases, optimising tool life and increasing safety.

If the vibration crosses a set upper threshold limit the system can be designed to shut the machine off remotely through the emergency switch of the machine.

Sensors to monitor pressure would alert the operator via their phone or on any smart device and this can again be linked to the machine emergency switch if required to ensure that in case of a sudden pressure drop the machine is switched off.

By monitoring the clamp / decamp cycles, alerts for maintainence of fixtures, ordering of spares and seal kits would also be automatically generated by the system and alerts sent via smart phone to the concerned people.

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, SmartFix 4.0 can also help the user be more proactive on machine, tool and fixture performance as well as how machines are performing compared to each other.

Historical data can be analysed and a comparison of various parameters can be made across all machines in the plant giving the management useful information to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and improve quality.

Smartfix 4.0 can be installed on even existing fixtures running in the plant.


  • Cloud-based application
  • Fixture level AI
  • Graphical data visualizations
  • Multiple sensor data visualization
  • Threshold breach indicators


  • Cost effective
  • Fixture level AI
  • Increased Safety
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Tool level AI


Status of all your Machines

Fixture State and Machine Alerts

Sensor Values and Analysis

Power Pack Status and Analysis

Analytics for SmartFix 4.0

  • Industry Pioneer in Fixture Level AI
  • Analytics is tailor made case-by-case to solve unique problems and work in all kinds of situations.
  • Leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) to provide a wide range of benefits.
  • Machine Learning models constantly improve with more data to generate best outcome.

Tool Wear Analytics

  • Each and every machining operation comes with a unique vibration pattern. These patterns can be analyzed using AI & ML to predict tool wear in advance for each tool.
  • Cost saving in tool consumption.

Pocket Milling Operation

Circular Milling Operation

Drilling Operation

Face Milling Operation

Boring Operation

Reaming Operation

Intelligent Fixtures for High Performance Machining

  • Cloud based application that monitors condition of machines on the floor based on readings collected from sensors on fixtures
  • Fixture level analytics to help isolate and troubleshoot faster
  • Graphical data visualisations for more robust analysis
  • Multiple sensor data visualisation to analyze performance
  • Threshold breach indicators for quick troubleshooting
  • Data collected per operation

Industry 4.0 is commonly referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is the ability of machines, devices, sensors and people to connect and communicate with each other via the Internet Of Things.

Smartfix 4.0 is that revolution in the fixture building business.